Write, I will...

Many, many years ago, a few of us bloggers started writing to each other, had become friends, and had discovered a common love for talking in rhymes. Well, if you can call it that.
There were a bunch of haikus, two-liners, rhymes to convey everyday message that were exchanged. We thought they were too good to be lost over mail, and then, one of us created a blog for us to share it all on that blog. We did that for a while, a good while also, I think.
And then, one of us got bored and deleted that blog. This was in 2009.
I think I loved the idea of me writing anything creative, and so held on to this idea, and dug through my old emails and retrieved some of those, which I posted on a blog. Only last week, when Blogger threw a customary email at me to renew some subscriptions, I noticed that I still have the blog, maybe still shared with those blogger-friends (this, I haven't checked, yet).

The below poem was what I wrote, back in 2013, to revive the love for pottery (yeah, we call…

Books and the questions!

So every year, I set myself a goal of reading X no. of books, and set about reaching that diligently. I have a full time job that I love and don't want to escape, a family that I spend enough time with, a few other activities that I do, some of them even taking quite some time and effort, and a good social life.

In spite of these factors, I have focused on achieving this goal of X books per year.
When this comes up in conversations, I get a few questions, and few incredulous looks along my way. I thought I'd address them all, for myself and for people so I can refer them to this post. :) I should be aware of why I do what I do.
Why the goals? This is almost always the first question. Either this, or something to this effect. I understand that people ask this question, coz its not everyday that you'll want to measure something you do, especially if you claim to like the certain activity.
Here are my reasons -
1. Well, turns out I am a numbers person. I like to measure …

2017, in Books

Show-off/Super-glad time of the year - Turns out I've read 104 books in 2017, with an average page length per book of 273 pages. :)

This year, I've written down a post on my reading style, and answered a few questions I've asked myself and people have asked me, about books.
Here are some of my best reads in this year.
[The link in the title of the book will lead you to the book in Goodreads. Where applicable, I've included the link to my 'review' of the book. Click on the second link, if you care for it. :)]

1. What makes you not a Buddhist - This book was my first book in the year, and stayed on to be one of the best I read. Pick up this book if you've ever been interested in Buddhism.
2. Falling off the map - Discovering Pico Iyer was one of the good things that has happened to me in 2017. Long after I finished reading this book, I found myself thinking about his experiences in trying to fall off the map, and I started digging up more books by him thu…

2017, the year!

Phew. As I type this post in an airport lounge after having done 12 trips to and from the airport in the past three weeks, I can feel the fatigue of the travel. I have had a great year, no doubt, but it is normal to feel like this once you've said your byes to your loved ones... all you want to do is to get to your home, and lie down in your blankie there.
In a bid to keep my promise to my family and friends that they'd see me once every six months, the husband and I, IMHO have overdone the India travel bit. Thinking about the 14 hour long haul flight kills all joy of travel for me these days, and it is extending to other travel too. I know that at the other end of the travel is love and home for me, and I also know that I make it big in my head, but just the thought of being cooped up in the flight for so long gets to me, these days. 
As always, this year also has been great. We didn't travel outside of our current-home as much as I'd have liked to, but we've h…

2016, in Books

So here it goes, my year, 2016, in books...
Few of the best books I read this year, in no particular order.

1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara - This one is fresh on my mind, being the most recent read one. Whatever I felt for this book is all documented here, but here is a bit more - I needed to watch mind-numbing TV (Thank you, How to get away with Murder and Suits!) for four full days to get over the effect this book had on me. I loved it so much, the plot and the literature, but its more than that... this is a heavy book, which I recommend taking up only if you are not feeling down or depressed. I also did not expect to enjoy a book built solely around male characters, none of which are strong in the Rand-esque way or Mc-Dreamy men that I generally tend to like in books. And thats why I am a fan of the writer now.

2. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah - Set in WW II era, this book is a beauty. I am a fan of Hannah's prose, and this book is something I recommend if you are…

This, right here...

They say, Fall has just started, two days ago. That it was the Autumn Equinox then. And that the colors will be beautiful for the next few days

The air is all chilly, making me wear a pullover as I sit on my dining table, working away, and wondering what I'll do with the rest of my day.

Am in a different mood these days. Its much different than what I felt a few months ago. I feel a strange sense of peace as I sit around the house. The couches make me feel like a romantic, the fireplace promises me immense possibilities, the fluff throws I bought from Costco make me feel warm around the house, the full bar (with our basics Whiskey, Wine and Bourbon) makes me feel that am ready for winter, and above all, all my books surrounding me as I sit anywhere in the living area make me feel safe. I think this is the strange peace I am talking about.

Happiness is...

When you are young, and are looking for a partner to share your life with, you think of that person to be the one you'll grow old with. No? At least, I did.

I was consciously looking out for the person with whom I could grow old. The one with whom I could talk about anything under the world, share minute details about how I have umpteen crushes in a day or detail every single feeling I felt when I was waiting for the signal to turn green or the one who knows how spiteful I can be if I want to. The one with whom I would not need to speak to without actually talking. The one around whom am not worried if am farting and can in fact, take pride in talking about our crap routines.
The one who would be your family, your steady date, your everything.

You know what am talking about now, don't you? The one person who will be your partner in everything. Call this person a soulmate, if you will. But I've grown to realize that unless you are friends first, you cannot be great partne…