Curious Reader & What books mean to me...

A few days ago, Hamsini, a friend from Instagram and GoodReads pinged me saying she was doing a profile on readers she knows. I answered the questions she had, and the resulting post on Curious Reader is here, which I liked very much.
In the process of answering her questions, I put together quite some info about books that matter to me, and it made sense to record it all here. This post is in a Q&A format because I was answering questions for the profile.

What makes a book, 'great'/ an-all-time-favorite/ unforgettable for you? Rather, in GoodReads parlance, what are a couple of those ingredients that make the difference for you between a four-star and five-star book?
A quality book is something that stays in my mind - glimpses from the book should keep replaying in my mind, either when I am reading the book or much after. To name a few, I cannot forget - how my stomach squirmed when I was reading the chapter about the books being torn in Thirteenth Tale; some panels about …

2018, in Books

‘tis that time of the year, when I sit back and look at the books I’ve read and make lists of the best from that year. I do this, almost diligently at the end of every year, because I want to keep track of the better books I’ve read. I also refer to posts like this to recommend books to friends. 🙂 Turns out, I read 87 books in 2018, but the no. of pages is almost similar to what I read in 2017 , with a great avg pages per book (