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India’s daughters

One week ago I had a long conversation with a group, an educated , seemingly sensible group of people, all of them extremely close to me.
About how what women wear do not define them.
About how even nuns , 6 year old children and 80 year old women get raped.
About how what I wear is never an invitation, and is always subjective, like how a salwar-kameez is acceptable in most places but isn’t enough in many other places on this globe, about how I have to probably cover my ankles and head to not be lynched or jailed in some countries and how its all about freedom.
About how women do not invite just because they are out at 9 PM, and how sometimes work might take them out too.
About how it is important to raise our sons well , to teach them to respect women irrespective of what they are wearing.
About how its not important that a woman should feel like a mother or a sister for a man to be able to not pass lewd remarks on her and that the fact that she is a human being is enough for her to…