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2015, the year!

As usual, this was a good year too! I had loads of fun doing everything I did – work, friends, travel, photography, reading etc. Yes, absolutely no complaints at all.

Travel - This was a great year for  me. We kicked off the year with a trip to Puri in February which turned out to be a trip for just shooting pics. I got to shoot such brilliant photos of the 12th, 13th and 14th century temples. There was a 10-day Vipasana trip I did in June to Dharamshala. Stayed there for 13 days, including the time spent in Vipasana course. Loved the course duration, but was disappointed by Dharamshala as a place in itself. There was this short trip to Maldives in July , and all the husband and I did here was laze out in our cottage in the resort during the day and walk by the clear waters in the evenings. And then there was this Europe trip with a girl-friend. A short trip to Goa in October proved to us that no matter what we did, we’d always make at least one trip to Goa every year, wit…

2015, in Books

Oh, this was a GOOD year for books, I must say! I got to read a variety of books in various genres this year, and explore new mediums too. And as the year ends, there is faint chance that I might be stocking up on paper books too. Am still in love with my Kindle and ebooks will still be my most favorite method to read, but the allure of leafing through the books (which I rediscovered as I saw a friend’s drawing room full of books. She made the drawing room into a library and I loved the time I spent in that room!) is catching on again and am starting by stocking up on graphic novels.

I still read more than one book at a time, one by the bed side, one at the dining table. And I have started the non-fiction and books for work genres this year, and to my surprise, quite liking them too. Here’s what GoodReads has to say about my year in books :-) Yes, 90 books, with an average of 293 pages per book! [That’s not bad, right? Well, I’ve also had a busy life this year, with loads o…

Europe, again! :-)

Earlier this year, in September, I had the opportunity to make another trip to Europe. This time, it was with a girl-friend, and for 12 days, and we were headed towards the Central Europe – Czech, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, to be precise.

This was something we planned very well, and yet wasn’t a trip that was planned to the last minute. This was something like a backpacking, but wasn’t exactly backpacking in the true sense. We knew exactly where we were sleeping every night. That was the only thing that was planned. Every evening, we’d both sit in our room and decide a list on what we wanted to do the next day – a rough set of places to see, things to do , food to eat, photographs/locations to shoot etc. We didn’t always finish the list, and we were okay with that. We prioritized every day, and the first priority was for us to laze around and have fun.

Random thoughts...

Some random thoughts that popped into my head this week...

Of all that a person can go through, the feeling of not being wanted is the worst. [I read a quote from a book meaning this a long time ago, cant recollect what it is now!]

"You want to know what love is? Its the thing that ruins you." - Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen

"Crying wasn't like riding a bike. Give it up, and you quickly forget how it's done" - Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen

"You should always be with someone who wants you, not with someone whom you want."
[I've always found this statement by my Mom absurd. Why be with someone merely because they want you, I thought. But as with many things in which I've realized that Mom is right, am realizing this is right too, in its own screwed up, manipulated way of the world!]

Of reading and images...

There is this image in my head that I haven't been able to get over. In fact, I don't really want to get over that image, and so am not trying to. Its the image of someone reading a book.