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The Muppathne List!

I know this is a food-blog, and I intend to keep it that way, although the past couple of posts didn’t exactly live up to it, but as I am running towards the end of the most defining decade of my life faster that I hoped I would, I cant help but think of a few things. Few things I’ve done over the past 10 years. Few mistakes. Few good things. Few memories. Few friends. Fewer foes. And some really good times. Since this is the only active blog I have, here it goes… The first 10 years of my life have been boring. I was the nerd in school, someone whom even I would hate, if I were to see her now. I read all the time, books way above my age, and didn’t play many of the games kids played back then. Scrabble, Tin Tin and Mills & Boon were some of the words I learnt after I turned 25, and am not proud of it. The second 10 years were spent trying to make something out of my life. Everything I wanted to do was always punctuated with ‘When I grow up’. Now that I have actually grown up, I re…