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Gilmore Girls, Again

As you read this, I would’ve finished watching the season finale of Gilmore Girls, and wished yet again that they should’ve ended it with Lorelai getting engaged to dear old Luke instead of just the kiss, and hoped again that they make something more out of this awesome series. I will continue to be a lifelong fan of Lorelai, Luke and Emily , and may be Rory and Logan also, but what I will miss most is Lorelai, her awesome attitude, her non-stop-talkativeness and her cool puns. Meanwhile, read this – A NY Times article published right after the season finale was aired.


Hehehehe… And we wonder why things turn out the we want them to… And try to be control-freaks! :)Original link here!

Lunacy, you said?

And that my dear friends is why I love Chuck Lorre. Original link Here!

Gilmore Girls

Its like an obsession. A big big one. Every waking moment of the day I have, I want to watch the series. Currently in the Season 5 , Episode 20, I finished all the earlier ones in just a matter of 2 weeks, back to back, sometimes as much as 8 episodes per day, the maddest day being 11 episodes in one day, each episode being ~44 minutes long! :-)Yes, the last time I felt this obsession was for Castle, and before that Friends, and I didn’t watch even these at this rate and urgency.Its a need to find out what happens with Lorelai and Luke, what Rory does, and what trick Emily comes up with next in her attempt to do good to Lorelai… this list just goes on. But I guess what is keeping me hooked to this is the big crush I have on Scott Patterson, and the girl crush on Lauren Graham. Both of them incredibly good looking, and great actors. Both their style of talking, the numerous pop culture references, the male suitors the Girls get… each of this is a reason…Just in love with the series. :)

Truly, Madly, Deeply. Really?

Aargh! Crappiest book EVER!
Absolutely terrible style of writing - even a 15 yr old can write better. The author can sure do with some Beginner's writing courses.
Absolutely no writing editing. The writer did not ask for a critical opinion from anyone. I am damn sure.
Terrible plot. Done to death. Not handled properly. Bad choice of adjectives to describe the lead characters, and its like the author is obsessed with the good looks alone of Seema and Rahul. And what description of the looks... Hah!
Yes, the author sure needs to re-visit his English.
At various times while reading the 136 pages of this book, I got up from my couch, slapped myself in my face for having bought it, and then went back to re-read it, in the hope that the book might not have been stupid, it probably is coz I misread the previous pages.
I wish Indian authors stopped writing with the sole motive of getting their books made into movies. I understand that they get paid heavily, and Chetan Bhagat must be some kind …