Nov 15, 2014


Let me just start with a disclaimer that I am not a sentimental person. For a very short while in my early twenties, I thought I was but I can now safely say that those days are behind me. I don’t know what label you can give to a person like me now, but I am now someone who enjoys the moment in the Now without wanting to do anything else with it. Every relationship I get into, I take it with a pinch of detachment, yet being attached to it. I work on it with a full heart, but I know that nothing is permanent, or I keep telling myself that, so I don’t fall in love with the moment. I have stopped falling in love with ‘things’. Am trying to not be in love with people also, but then, we all know that never happens. Self-preservation or cynicism, call it whatever you want!

Eiffel Tower

That said, the above two objects mean a lot to me. They both remind me of two once-very-important people, both of whom I don’t talk to anymore. I have not lost a lot of friends over these years, in fact very few. Most of them have just fallen out of touch, and I know I can pick up the thread from where we both dropped it. Some of them have fallen out of touch with willingness from both sides, we just weren’t meant to be. But there have been just a few whom I can never pick up the thread with, with whom I might never get back in touch. Such are the ways life has transpired between us. And no, I don’t pine for them, I don’t even think of them… Not consciously at least, as I just recently noticed.  I thought I’ve taken ‘letting go’ to be an almost-art-form.