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Write, I will...

Many, many years ago, a few of us bloggers started writing to each other, had become friends, and had discovered a common love for talking in rhymes. Well, if you can call it that.
There were a bunch of haikus, two-liners, rhymes to convey everyday message that were exchanged. We thought they were too good to be lost over mail, and then, one of us created a blog for us to share it all on that blog. We did that for a while, a good while also, I think.
And then, one of us got bored and deleted that blog. This was in 2009.
I think I loved the idea of me writing anything creative, and so held on to this idea, and dug through my old emails and retrieved some of those, which I posted on a blog. Only last week, when Blogger threw a customary email at me to renew some subscriptions, I noticed that I still have the blog, maybe still shared with those blogger-friends (this, I haven't checked, yet).

The below poem was what I wrote, back in 2013, to revive the love for pottery (yeah, we call…

Books and the questions!

So every year, I set myself a goal of reading X no. of books, and set about reaching that diligently. I have a full time job that I love and don't want to escape, a family that I spend enough time with, a few other activities that I do, some of them even taking quite some time and effort, and a good social life.

In spite of these factors, I have focused on achieving this goal of X books per year.
When this comes up in conversations, I get a few questions, and few incredulous looks along my way. I thought I'd address them all, for myself and for people so I can refer them to this post. :) I should be aware of why I do what I do.
Why the goals? This is almost always the first question. Either this, or something to this effect. I understand that people ask this question, coz its not everyday that you'll want to measure something you do, especially if you claim to like the certain activity.
Here are my reasons -
1. Well, turns out I am a numbers person. I like to measure …