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One Hundred Years of Solitude

[Rehash of an old post, I wrote on Aug 29, 2009 on my old-blog] [Not a review, more like a journal to not forget my impression as soon as I finished the book!] I have always been intrigued and amused at this book and the reason for naming it that way. And after having heard from friends that this was a beautiful book, I knew that someday I would read it. Well… today was the day, and it took me precisely 5 hours and 2 sittings to finish it(and its 3 AM right now!). And my, what a book! Truly a work of pure mastery, the play of the characters and how they are interrelated is an art of fiction which can be woven only by masters as great as Marquez himself!
Though it is a small book, the characters, their names, how they are related to each other and what they all do is so inter-related that I got confused a 100 times during the book and had to refer to the sheet which had the family tree. I generally pick out the characters I like from the books I read, but this one is so magical that …