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2017, in Books

Show-off/Super-glad time of the year - Turns out I've read 104 books in 2017, with an average page length per book of 273 pages. :)

This year, I've written down a post on my reading style, and answered a few questions I've asked myself and people have asked me, about books.
Here are some of my best reads in this year.
[The link in the title of the book will lead you to the book in Goodreads. Where applicable, I've included the link to my 'review' of the book. Click on the second link, if you care for it. :)]

1. What makes you not a Buddhist - This book was my first book in the year, and stayed on to be one of the best I read. Pick up this book if you've ever been interested in Buddhism.
2. Falling off the map - Discovering Pico Iyer was one of the good things that has happened to me in 2017. Long after I finished reading this book, I found myself thinking about his experiences in trying to fall off the map, and I started digging up more books by him thu…

2017, the year!

Phew. As I type this post in an airport lounge after having done 12 trips to and from the airport in the past three weeks, I can feel the fatigue of the travel. I have had a great year, no doubt, but it is normal to feel like this once you've said your byes to your loved ones... all you want to do is to get to your home, and lie down in your blankie there.
In a bid to keep my promise to my family and friends that they'd see me once every six months, the husband and I, IMHO have overdone the India travel bit. Thinking about the 14 hour long haul flight kills all joy of travel for me these days, and it is extending to other travel too. I know that at the other end of the travel is love and home for me, and I also know that I make it big in my head, but just the thought of being cooped up in the flight for so long gets to me, these days. 
As always, this year also has been great. We didn't travel outside of our current-home as much as I'd have liked to, but we've h…