Look Ma, 500!


Yes, that’s how many posts I’ve written till date! :-D

The first time I read the husband’s blog (Link doesn’t exist anymore, but he used to be The Eternal Six Year Old) and thus discovered blogs and spent hours reading Vaish’s blog(restricted users, no point in clicking the link :-)), I was in love. With the concept of writing. What I used to scribble in my little notebook at home wasn’t enough. I wanted to write on my comp, and wanted to see my writings in print (Yeah yeah, tall order but still :-)). And thus started my blog journey.

From a blog with a silly word like ‘Smiling’ to another silly word like ‘Chocolate’ in its title to a more matured name inspired by one of Ayn Rand’s books, I’ve had a total of 7 blogs! Phew! That’s a lot.

Well, there are many reasons why I skipped from one blog to another(all of these documented as I did the hop and skip, some of which I hope to publish here someday) and I never counted the number of posts I wrote in all.

Until today. :-)

And boy, look at the number!


Wow! I’ve written fiction and non-fiction. Created some silly series of stories from my life , some from friends’ , ranted a lot, became all philosophical and mystical also, introspected and also went in a total retrospect mood too. In short, it was one hell of an awesome journey!

Yes, I have all these blogs. Still. I just restricted users to them, because they are no more relevant to what I am today.

Writing has always been a love, and it will continue to be so. I don’t have to publish novels or write super-hit plays. Whenever I am down, or when I am happy or when I want to share something with someone, I have my writing. It doesn’t matter if no one reads, I will read them. And write, I will. For my sake. To express myself. To feel good. To feel confident. And to emote.

503! In 5 years! That’s an average of 100 posts per year. Which means, one in atleast 3 days! This makes even a self-critic like me also proud! :-D


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