Truly, Madly, Deeply. Really?

Aargh! Crappiest book EVER!
Absolutely terrible style of writing - even a 15 yr old can write better. The author can sure do with some Beginner's writing courses.
Absolutely no writing editing. The writer did not ask for a critical opinion from anyone. I am damn sure.
Terrible plot. Done to death. Not handled properly. Bad choice of adjectives to describe the lead characters, and its like the author is obsessed with the good looks alone of Seema and Rahul. And what description of the looks... Hah!
Yes, the author sure needs to re-visit his English.
At various times while reading the 136 pages of this book, I got up from my couch, slapped myself in my face for having bought it, and then went back to re-read it, in the hope that the book might not have been stupid, it probably is coz I misread the previous pages.
I wish Indian authors stopped writing with the sole motive of getting their books made into movies. I understand that they get paid heavily, and Chetan Bhagat must be some kind of a role model for them all, but really... is he one? Don't they have any care for what their place in the world of literature is going to be?
First it was C-Bag. Then Amish Tripathi (with his overtly Bollywood-ized Meluha. I read the first one, decided not to waste my time with the second one) and now Faraaz Kazi.
I decided to not read this book and thus save my precious time. I might as well be reading the Page 3 of Times newspaper. Its that bad!
One of the worst books to spend your money on.

Am in half a mind to not give this book any rating at all, am guessing if a book doesn’t have a rating, its not counted for an average. Hence the 1 star.

I must quite agree with one of the reviews this book got on GoodReads – The author clearly has no idea how American Indian kids talks, or how teachers treat 15 yr olds who are in love or how to fill in 300 pages of this book… you get the drift, right?

Just for kicks, read the series of status messages I posted on my GoodReads as I came across each crappy page/line I read in the book… Am still wondering how it is just 11 and not 136 (I read only 136 pages off the 303 pages, and decided to give up!)

See the first comment at the bottom of the page. Well, I sincerely tried to like this book before I even started reading it. Honestly. But then, it didn’t deserve a long chance.


And now I completely believe that book ratings can be rigged too. Nothing else explains the 4/5 rating this book got on GoodReads. No, that many people cannot be dumb. I still have hope on this Universe!


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