Those 30-Days…

are going to be one heck of a challenge…

Inspired by my friend who introduced me to Try Something New for 30 Days, which I shall now call as The 30-Day Challenge, by virtue of this awesome TED talk, I have decided to start something new in the month of March.

I started off by trying to ape this friend, and not eat any dessert for the next 30 days. I must say that the start was indeed good, but it waned as the days passed by. I lived through a family get-together and one office party when everyone on the table ordered a dessert and I was by myself smiling and gloating away to glory at not having been lured into the Dessert-trap.

Since I could do it, I also thought I’ll mark this month as No-Junk-Food month, which means I will not eat anything fried , or anything that I can buy from a roadside stall.

Well, that didn’t go on all that well. Brunch with friends happened on Sunday, where I saw an array of desserts. I asked myself the reasons for challenging myself to not eat desserts, and the answer wasn’t very compelling. Weight loss and health are for sure good enough incentives to not eat dessert for a month, but my first reason had been to season myself, discipline this irrational heart. Turns out not eating dessert is not much of a challenge to me, as much as not making dessert is.

So that is what it is… for me, for the month of March  - To not make/bake/cook dessert for the entire month. And one heck of a challenge it is… considering how easy it is to crave, read up on and to make one, and all the food-blog-browsing I do…


  1. dessert if i come to your place aa?

  2. The dessert queen herself is saying this? :)
    I'll serve bahar ka dessert, not self-made :D


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