One of those Sundays

This is one of those happy, peaceful, contented Sundays. For all the impatience I have in wanting to get out of the kitchen and hence having to finish up early, there is something very nice about a bustling kitchen, even if the food being cooked is just for the two of us.


Bread pudding is being tried, some of which will be treated to office friends, there is sabudana khichdi for breakfast and some karela fry stuffed with yummy nutty paste is being attempted to by the cook, and am sitting on the table in my place, reading some obscure stuff. I hid the the wine bottles that were on the table to not scandalise anyone. These was supposed to be made into sangria  by the husband, who being the busybody  that he is on some weekends is taking an interview in the study, and was supposed to be taken to a friend's place where we are brunching !

This kitchen has seen some good times in the past one year. Lots of laughter around the dining table as I tried putting up a dish together, impromptu meals with friends where I have no idea what am serving but which turn out pretty decent, or me adjusting stuff around calmly by myself as a means to spend time with myself, I've loved this place!


At times like this is when I identify myself with Meryl Streep of It's Complicated. Strong, career focused, yet happy in her kitchen fishing up meals for people she likes. On that note, that kitchen is also my dream kitchen!

Like I said, good times! Love!


  1. Loved having you over. Should have asked for that bread pudding and the sangria. But beer is my fave!


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