I love my brain!

Yes! :-D And no, modesty has never been my most strongest trait.

Yes, I know it could certainly be better.
Behave better. Learn more. Love a lot more. Hate a lot less. Feel things. Be transient to emotions. Be more self-aware.

Oh, there are tons of things I know my brain could’ve been, but then, this is all I got, right? And I gotta live with it, and work on what’s there to make it better.

And that’s where I bring in passion.

I can't remember how it all began, but a couple of years ago, I noticed myself using the word ‘passion’ a lot more, and not just in work meetings to pump up my team, but also at home. [I blame the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs , including the Wi-Fi for this ;-)]
The husband and I decided a couple of years ago that we would work for passion and only passion going forward. [Don’t ask me how that is going!] We decided that we’d follow/do all those things that our brain takes fancy in, and thankfully, have been able to follow through with it, largely. We don’t do the things we don’t want to do, most of the times. I know that makes us sound selfish, but that has never stopped anyone before, has it?

Don't even bother trying to process what Sharanya is doing!

There are a bunch of things I dabble in at any given point of time, and off late, I even managed to write them all down on a chalkboard so that I don’t lose track of these various passions of mine. I don’t set a timeframe for any of them, coz that only adds to the pressure, but I definitely get to each of them, in its own due time, as my fancy brain picks up a random item off the list. And I hop. Hop like a silly butterfly from one item to another, yet again, letting the brain’s fancy take lead.

At any given point of time, there are multiple threads running in my brain. One thread is dedicated to office, work, colleagues etc. One thread is for friends, whoever it is that I hung out with recently. One thread is for the husband, but of course, thinking of how awesome he is today, or how he is behaving like a jerk these days or what prank to pull on him next to bother him. But there are some parallel threads that are dedicated to these hobbies of mine, if you can call them that, coz they certainly are not passions , in the most literal passionate kind of way. Call it a side-project, if you may.
All said and done, I like to think of myself as a passionate woman. Passionate about not letting my brain rot. That’s all. I know there is so much more to do there, and am not even humble-bragging. [Trust me, you’d know if I was! ;-)]

On that note, here is a wonderful TED talk I heard last week – How to live passionately – no matter your age by Isabel Allende. After listening to the talk, am glad and happy that if not following, I believe in most of the things she said. Believing is half job done, right?

Sidenote : And I definitely share that fantasy of hers, except that at the moment its not the otherwise ever-weak-knee-inspiring Milind Soman. It happens to be this very handsome man , Fawad Afzal Khan, of Khoobsurat fame, who has literally consumed a lot of my time. I, who doesn’t even have a regular cable subscription, have found myself watching videos of dramas he starred in , listening to songs of Entity Paradigm and of course, yearning to watch Khoobsurat again. [The mere thought of having to watch Kiron Kher overdo the drama once again was the only deterrent!]


The man can sing, look deeply with his piercing eyes, pine for a lady, speak sense in front of the camera, has a sense of humor and act all the while looking like an angel in dapper designer clothes. Well, I’d call him a Thinking Girl’s man ;-)


  1. this sentence "Passionate about not letting my brain rot" is so powerful and I plan to follow it to the tee. :-) Thanks for the link for the TED talk. Watching it now, Time to get inspired and stay passionate!



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