You were here...

As I was making my bed a while ago, wondering whether the blankie was worth it at all, couldn't help but think of the comment a friend made about the short Hyderabad winters.

A pencil and paper and this is my heart's anguish pouring out. ☺

You were here and
Then you were not.

Raising hopes and dreams
Of together evenings and nights,
Cosy, wrapped up like a breeze
A cup of chocolate and the knight!

You were here and
Then you were not!

Gorgeous sunsets, long evenings, shorter days
Barbeques, bakes, soups and may be, a truffle,
With friends, whiskey and laughter a gay
All of it, gone in a trifle!

You were here and
Then you were not!!

Oh, you wretched winter
Lasting only 48 hours,
Not a minute yonder
Making me love my city lesser by the hour!!!


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