Happiness is...

When you are young, and are looking for a partner to share your life with, you think of that person to be the one you'll grow old with. No? At least, I did.

I was consciously looking out for the person with whom I could grow old. The one with whom I could talk about anything under the world, share minute details about how I have umpteen crushes in a day or detail every single feeling I felt when I was waiting for the signal to turn green or the one who knows how spiteful I can be if I want to. The one with whom I would not need to speak to without actually talking. The one around whom am not worried if am farting and can in fact, take pride in talking about our crap routines.
The one who would be your family, your steady date, your everything.

You know what am talking about now, don't you? The one person who will be your partner in everything. Call this person a soulmate, if you will. But I've grown to realize that unless you are friends first, you cannot be great partners. So, I was basically looking out for a person who could be a great friend to me.

Well, that's about a life partner. As important and as awesome this person is, just this one person wouldn't do in this vast and long a life, no?

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As a part of growing up and older, I realized I have had a similar approach to finding friends too. Rather, the ones still in my life are the ones who share all the above traits, and may be a bit more.
Basically, I've realized that I've accumulated a bunch of people around me, virtually or otherwise, with whom I've decided to grow older. These are my extended family, my steady dates and literally, my everything.
And am not having it any other way.

Growing older together is a package deal, no?

A friend and I even decided that we both would go for our health checkups together when we are old crones, coz childless that we are, no one else would take care of us, no? So we'll be cool old ladies together, yes!

Another friend is like extended family. Her whole set feels like my own, at least so far. She and I can talk about absolute crap, including talks about crap, and it still feels like great conversation.

Then, there are a few friends who are like my elder sisters. I think I grew up with unresolved-sister-issues. I always wanted an elder sister, someone whom I can turn to and ask any question. Someone who will be my guide through things, coz even I get tired being the guide sometimes.
These are women who know my innermost fears and about my irrational panic attacks.
These are people who talk me through these useless thoughts, and put sense into my head.
These are people, after talking to whom, I go back into the battlefield with renewed strength and confidence. Now, why wouldn't I want to grow old around them!

There are a few other friends who have been around... that's all. They've been around so long that I practically cannot remember a time when I didn't know them. Its like that time didn't exist at all. These people have seen me at my worst, mentally and otherwise, and have decided to stick with me. Like Bar Luhrmann says - "the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young"... I need these people around me.
If we've been around each other for more than a decade, we can certainly be together for another five-seven decades, no?

There are a few who are like your doppelgangers. You and they would've had the same bleddy life, well, almost. It would be so interesting to see how your lives would turn out to be, no?

I feel, it is these people that making living worthwhile for me. And honestly, without them, I don't know what I would've done with myself.
I don't have just one 4 AM friend... I have so many 4 AM friends that I feel grateful everytime I think of them!

And the best part is, its not over yet... am not old yet, and am still making friends, most of whom I know will be around for those twilight years!

You know who you are, and you know you are important to me. So you better stick with me for those growing-older-together years!


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