2017, in Books

Show-off/Super-glad time of the year - Turns out I've read 104 books in 2017, with an average page length per book of 273 pages. :)

This year, I've written down a post on my reading style, and answered a few questions I've asked myself and people have asked me, about books.
Here are some of my best reads in this year.
[The link in the title of the book will lead you to the book in Goodreads. Where applicable, I've included the link to my 'review' of the book. Click on the second link, if you care for it. :)]

1. What makes you not a Buddhist - This book was my first book in the year, and stayed on to be one of the best I read. Pick up this book if you've ever been interested in Buddhism.
2. Falling off the map - Discovering Pico Iyer was one of the good things that has happened to me in 2017. Long after I finished reading this book, I found myself thinking about his experiences in trying to fall off the map, and I started digging up more books by him thus leading to me to some gems.
3. Laughing all the way to the mosque - As I mentioned here, reading stories like this is important to beat the notion of 'a single story' and show us how similar we all are beneath the seemingly major differences the religious upbringings have. I loved Nawaz's comic timing and essays, I giggled a bit and I nodded along a lot.
4. To Sir, with Love - I had read this book for school, but I longed to read this story of how Braithwaite wins over a class full of unruly bullies and gets them to love him.
5. In the time of the Butterflies - In search for new stories, with an eye for those featuring strong female leads, I saw this book listed in NEA's Big Read section. This story of three sisters, each different from the other, all united in their love for each other is a Dominican Republic legend, and is very well written.
6. The association of small bombs - Either it is the fact that this is a very well written book, or that this is a story too familiar to someone who grew up in the 90's India, I couldn't forget the characters in this book for a while after finishing it. I'd strongly suggest that you do not read this book if you've lost a loved one to acts of terror. But read it for a raw portrayal of dealing with pain.
7. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - This adorable and feel-good book is exactly what you need if you love letters, books and good stories.
8. Brave New World - This story by Huxley is often referred to if you are looking for good dystopian fiction, but I wasn't as touched by it as I hoped I'd be, when I read it. The reason why I am listing it here is because of how often I've thought of this story and Soma since I read the book, and how relevant it is to today's world, somehow, in a screwed-up way.
9. Fifteen Dogs - Are you a dog-lover? Do you wonder what your dog thinks when it does a few things? Did you wonder why your dog looks up to one person in your family more than the rest? Read this book.
10. The View from Cheap Seats - I love non-fiction by Gaiman as much or may be more than his fiction. May be because this brings me closer to learning a little more about my favorite author.
11. White FangThe Call of the Wild - London explores the psyche of the dogs in exceptional literature in these books, and for that you should read this book.
12. The Trouble with Women; The One Hundred Nights of Hero & Good night stories for Rebel Girls - I've thoroughly enjoyed these books about strong women showing sisterhood and shattering misogyny. In the graphic novel format, with great artwork and simple story-telling, these books are all keepers. These also make for great gifts for little girls and girlfriends.
13. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - I've gifted multiple copies of this book in this year because that's how much I loved this book. This book makes you respect the farmer more, and pay attention to where your food comes from.
14. Trigger Warning - A Gaiman beauty, this book is a collection of some of his stories written over the years for his friends for various compilations. I've picked up quite a few book and author recommendations from this book, based on Gaiman's mentions too.
15. Under my hat; Rags & Bones; A Study in Sherlock - These three are compilations, with stories by reputed authors on the specific subjects. I found a few gems in these books, and the books are great reads.
16. Tablet & Pen - Reading this book was one of the best things I did for my book-loving-soul this year. I will definitely be looking up more compilations under the Words without Borders banner.
17. Sapiens - A long yet very well written book about human history, taking us through the ages, I'd say this book is a must-read for each of us.


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