On me!

What with V’s activity on my food blog increasing (read, him being mean to me as usual) I was reminded of the poem he wrote for me, back in 2009 when we(a bunch of us bloggers-turned-friends) were all into poetry(again read, talking to each other in 4 lined rhymes and pleasing ourselves calling it poetry) and some good old conversations we had (read, him bragging about all his conquests and I refuting them asking for proof).

During one of our chat sessions back then, V got around to write this for me. He claimed he did it in 5 minutes flat, and like I do to his many other claims, I couldn’t refute this one, coz we were talking when he wrote this.

And I must say, I liked this one and this is like the second or third time someone wrote a poem on me(No, not from college boyfriends or secret admirers as much as I’d love it to be, from just a group of girlfriends, mostly related to some leg-pulling because of my classic-foot-in-the-mouth-syndrome). Also I maintain that he could use a different word instead of FRUIT (In Kannada, our common language, if you call someone a fruit, it means you think they are innocent!), coz am anything but innocent. Not then. Not now.

To set some context, Ms Taggart was my original blogger profile name, with which I had blogged for 5 full years, but all the blogs are now dormant, deleted or unavailable for public consumption. I had originally posted this poem immediately on one of my blogs, but tempted to post it here again…

Ms. Taggart had been showing off
Her skills in making fun of people
But after she met me, she was put off
And has agreed to be my disciple

It took me a day to call her 'Fruit'
And now, she can't help but breathe fire
She has no choice but stay mute
As I take it up a notch higher

We bonded over a common language
I was laughing when she spoke
Her usage belongs to the medieval age
All the more ammo for me to poke

But I have to admit she strikes back
With wit and anger, I'm impressed
A little nudge and she's ready to attack
The way any troublemaker should be addressed


  1. Great! I had forgotten about this "poem", if you can call it that. As you'd also agree, to me, it's a bunch of words that have been glued to rhyme and yet convey the correct message - you are a fruit.



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