Murphy’s favourite day!


Oh yes, if Murphy had to pick one day in my life that is his favourite, he would pick today! Totally! I would even go a step further and say he planned it so he can have a good laugh :)

Nothing else can explain today’s events…

As the guys were changing the flat tyre of a colleague’s car this afternoon when we returned from lunch, I stood there wondering what I would do if I were to have a flat tyre.

I knew all the stuff about changing the tyre and putting a new one , but only in theory.
But then if I were to have a flat tyre this very day, I would literally be stranded, because I had forgotten my phone at home, and the husband is not in town too.
Oh, I did not even know how to recognize a flat tyre or how it feels if you drive with one for a while.
Oops,  I did not even have the backup tyre in the car.

To assure myself that I can still do good if I were to be in a situation like that, I asked the colleague how I would identify a flat tyre, and he explained how different the driving experience would be. Thinking I got it all, again in theory, I nodded my head, taking mental notes on when I should get down the car if I were to be in a similar situation.

And it happened! All the above, at the same time! :)
Oh, and there was an icing on the whole cake, the unexpected rain, and the fact that I did not have an umbrella.
Of course, it had to happen, because today is Murphy’s favourite day, remember? And I hate getting wet in the rain!

Some realizations through the 90 minutes I spent on the road all by myself, driving for a good 2km before realizing that I had a flat tyre, getting wet in the rain, without a phone to call a friend, looking for an auto for a ride to the nearest tyre shop, talking to the auto-wala and the tyre repair shop guys…

Gentlemen are not the ones who wear those ties and formal shoes and look all dumb. The real gentlemen today were the guys I met at the tyre repair shop and the auto-wala. And yes, I did see/meet a pig or two on the road!

I have taken the words ‘Don’t Panic’ way too seriously.

The Secret’ funda actually works. :|

Never get out of the house without as much as a 100/- on you! This is the only place where Murphy did not have his full laugh, coz for once, I had some cash on me! :)

If you always look for an adventure/story/experience/learning in everything that happens around you, you bloody well will get it! :)

So there, with the wisdom halo all bright and sharp after this evening’s experience, I feel one step closer to Murphy! :P


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