What is it with me!


Recycling an old post – I wrote this back in 2008 when I was going through a phase, and words just flowed. I’ve written quite some stuff after this , but this somehow still remains close to my heart…

Sometimes I sit & wonder
what's with the grass on the yonder!
Does my heart just crave
Or is it just another wave!

Great my life looks from a different eye
But whats wrong with my rye!
What do I want, will I ever realize?
Till then, will I let the boredom capsize?
Filled with the never-ending apprehension
Will I let my life taken over by depression!

Thoughts like this make me feel strange
Never ever had I seen in this range!
What’s wrong in my life is the question?
Bored, Depressed, Blues have crept into my diction
Thoughts like this make me feel sad!
Not knowing what it is makes me feel bad!

Love makes me feel great
But even that doesn’t let the down-feeling abate
Life is not just about love
Without you knowing, it throws you into a stove
Do I need satisfaction at the job?
Even that does not make my heart throb

This brain of mine wants to learn
But for time I yearn
Guitar, Tai-Chi or French
But then I am never able to cross the trench!

It wants to travel the countries
People are ready to dance by my whimsies
Want to visit Shanghai
Singapore or be it Sinai!
I go about the roaming
But when back, the heart again starts aching

Is this just mid-life crisis?
Or am I going into an endless abyss?


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