One down!


So that’s one item off the bucket list! Yeah, putting an item as silly as this on The List is downright silly, I agree. But it still means a lot, for someone who grew up in a small town and could not step out of the house without male company. (Most times it was my brother and we thoroughly enjoyed that short time off from studies, but then Dad once sent his watchman along with me and my friends to the movie, he was plain scared that some harm would befall his precious daughter, you see!)

And the item was – Watching a movie alone.

And yes, I did it today! :D

Well, I watched a movie all by myself quite a while before , during my stay in Hong Kong, but then, that was HK, and I literally went every place by myself (blame the ever-busy-not-today-I-have-a-call-why-don’t-you-go-by-yourself-here-take-a-100-HKD husband!). So one afternoon I get out of the apartment to walk two blocks to the nearest movie hall showing, guess which movie – Twilight New Moon (Twilight is my only literary guilty pleasure, please forgive me!). Turns out it wasn’t just me watching the movie by myself, I was also the only one in the entire movie hall watching the movie, if you can ignore the presence of two necking teenagers in one corner of the hall, and then, they weren’t really watching the movie, right? I digress, the point of the matter is – Yes, I watched a movie all by myself, albeit in a different country.

That was when the doubt struck my head, would I be able to do a similar feat in India? With stories abuzz about how men misbehave with women if they find them alone (*touchwood* never ever happened with me) , I wanted to see how the whole experience would be. Like many other things that I wanted to do, this one also went into The Never Ending List Of Things I Would Do Someday But Will Never Do!

With the husband not being in town, and with me getting plenty of much-wanted-anticipated me-time which I am thoroughly enjoying (oh don’t ask what I’ve been doing – amidst all the work, I still found time to listen to all my pending music, watch mind-numbing TV shows, read a book or two and oh, sit pointlessly in the balcony wondering about Life, Universe and Everything, and the Answer, of course!), and with the weather today being absolutely fantastic, I decided today is the day I would watch a movie by myself, and who else by Captain Jack Sparrow it should be!

Oh, who am I kidding. I knew that the husband would never watch this one with me, and with most of my friends having watched it already, and my love for the Captain beckoning me, I had to watch this one myself!

Now, even this one did not come without its share of challenges. First, there was work, tonnes of it, which I had to finish today. And then, the damned BookMyShow site does not allow any internet bookings for movie halls in Hyd which means I was never sure if I would get the tickets at all, and the last of all, I have never stood in the movie ticket queue to buy a ticket. Yes. Never. I had a deprived childhood and teenage. (For this, blame the Dad and the Internet!)

I finally overcome all these challenges and the temptation to eat an ice cream to which I succumbed by treating myself to an Oreo Shot (just a fancy name to a whole load of vanilla ice cream with Oreos and fudge but which tasted exceptionally awesome!) and get to the movie hall, only to find that my seat was surrounded by a bunch of men, no boys - All college boys, who wondered what this single woman was doing there at all. It was certainly not what I wanted/expected out of the evening. After the movie started, I got up to see if there were vacant seats in the hall, I found that more than half the movie hall was empty (ah, the perks of movie-watching-on-weekdays! Must remember for next time)
That’s it, I found myself one solitary corner, put on my 3D glasses and enjoyed the movie - giggling to myself at Jack’s jokes and hugging myself when the objects on the screen flew towards me. And boy, what fun it was! And this is just the beginning, am gonna watch many movies like this by myself! :D

And now am back, typing this as a reminder to how I felt when I did something for the first time, and getting ready for a night full of work!


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